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Digital Intoximeter Breathalyser Test

Professional Breathalyzer test for on-site alcohol testing

The Intoximeter is one of our most accurate professional
alcohol breathalysers for screening for alcohol.
The Intoximeter uses fuel cell technology for much greater
accuracy, and so there is no drifting of calibration. Unlike
other alcohol meters, the cell and wires are made from
platinum; so there is no corrosion. The machine is very robust
and will function for many years as long as calibrated regularly in line with
manufacturer recommendation.

As well as using the Intoximeter to test conventionally as a breath test, the
kit contains drink and breath samplers, allowing you to sample breath from
unconscious patients; and test drinks for alcoholic content without
contamination. The Intoximeter's accuracy compared to other breathalysers
means that results are reliable in court as it is approved for use by police and
other authorities.

The meter is of rugged construction and its rubberised cover mean it
is also ideal for on-site testing.


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